This page serves a place holder for potential future parashot (this is the plural of parasha also transliterated as parashiyot) that are beyond the annual and triennial versions currently defined at My Hebrew Bible (MHB). The parasha is a foundation concept for the existence of MHB so allowing for others to use their particular parasha would be a nice feature to have.

Complexity Notes

MHB was designed using a database so that it would be easy to update the content, having said that, creating and updating the parasha calendar is still time consuming. Here are some complexities...


Although adding additional parashot is possible, it doesn’t come for free. If one were to look at all the combinations that are possible you would conclude that maintaining this for every group would be quite unreasonable (it makes one yearn for one body that speaks with authority on this matter).

With all of that said, if you feel adding another parashot would be warranted, please contact us and let us know. For now, the best way to communicate to us is through Twitter ™ MyHebrewBible.

Other Types of Parasha