Compare and Contrast: The first generation of the Exodus leaves Egypt into the wilderness (midbar) Exo 17:1-7 and the generation of Numbers is exiting the wilderness going into the promised land HaAretz Num 20:7-13.

Standalone Alepht Tavs את

  • Num 20:14 - And Moses sent messengers from Kadesh unto the king of Edom, Thus saith thy brother Israel, Thou knowest את all the travail that hath befallen us:
    • See Standalone Aleph Tav Gematria Style Esaus 400 Men Article # 317
  • Num 21:6 - Sent YHVH amoung the people את HaNeChShim HaSeRaPhiM...
    • Related Verses
      • Rev 8:1-13 "angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth"
      • Isa 6:1-11 "Then flew one of the seraphims unto me…"

Words and Strong's #

  • H2764 and H2763 cherem charam devoted to destruction
  • H2767 chormah Hormah – a place
  • H5175 nachash Serpent
  • H8314 seraph fiery/serpent
  • H5512 sin referenced in Exo 17:1
  • H6790 zin or tzin referenced in Num 13:21 and Num 20:1

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This is a one page document that has the verses of Num 7:12-83 put together in a table format so as to bring some clarity when reading this very repetitive chapter.
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Y’shua in entrusting his servants with his property. Our Israelite birthright is the right to make a claim that we have the right to be the trustee of Elohim’s property.

Biblical Words on Money

  • G3414 minah
  • G4177 politees
  • G5007 talanton
  • H1871 dar-kem-one
  • H4488 maneh
  • H4487 manah
  • PaRDeS Chart
  • G4676 Napkin soudarion
    • Legal Terms

      • Cestui Que
      • cestui que vie
      • straw man
      • ENFEOFF (TO...)
      • common-law mortgage
      • Constructive trusts
      • settlor
      • vie
      • cestui

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